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Suggested Books
  • Brightling A., Stock Diseases, Inkata Press
  • Elliott Murray., Sheep production
  • Henderson David, The Veterinary book for sheep farmers
  • Cottle DJ, Australian Sheep & Wool Handbook Inkata Press 1991 (out of print, new edition in 2009)
  • D'Arcy JB, Sheep Management and wool technology NSW University Press 1990
  • Heazlewood, I, Old sheep for new pastures ASBBS Tasmania 1992
  • Cooper MM and Thomas RJ, Profitable Sheep Farming Farming Press 1989
  • Turner D, The Showman Shepherd Farming Press 1990 (British)
  • Hinton David, Running a small flock of sheep
  • Coleby Pat, Healthy sheep naturally
  • Andrews Peter , "Back from the brink" and his latest one, "Beyond the brink"