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Wiltshire Horn Sheep are a hardy meat sheep with an ancient heritage which may date back to Roman times. The breed is characterised by high quality meat production and the ability to shed its wool eliminating the need for shearing, crutching and controversial mulesing.

Wiltshire Horn Sheep are ideal for:

  • Terminal Sires: Strong muscling, no shearing, no lice or fly problems, excellent carcass quality, lean meat, superior flavour.
  • Maternal Lines: Fertile with high incidence of twins (triplets and quads common), excellent mothering, good milk, easily managed, low intervention, 180% + annually, low maintenance.
  • Composite Flocks: For meat production, no shearing, mulesing, lice/flies, high carcass quality, high fertility, excellent temperament.
  • Carcass Quality: Good eating from lamb to mutton, lean, high dressing-out percentages, low maintenance, high returns.

The aim of the Australian Wiltshire Horn Breeders Association is to develop and promote the Wiltshire Horn breed and to provide support to breeders of these unique sheep.

This site contains a variety of resource materials available to the general public and includes additional resources for members only.

We invite you to check back regularly for updated information and resources.

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